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With my work I decided some time again that I wanted to make playful work especially as we has limited time, so why make something serious and stagnant. It’s about make pots that contain energy and liveliness, which can be difficult in a medium that becomes “set in stone”. I can’t just hand a customer…

Stuck in a Loop

Every so often my thinking gets stuck in a loop, thinking the same things over and over and not solving anything. At the moment it is photography there is so much to think about. I have a to do list which feels extensive 1->I have to set up an on-line shop -> this requires two…

Open for Business

So I was given the opportunity to run some workshops for LEFTCOAST our local arts organisation and I decided it was as good a time as any to start the business back up again. I have been thinking about starting up again anyway but this was the major kick I needed to get going.