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  • Framed tile with waves of texture and ghosting left by seashell

    Framed Tile “80s Action Hero”


    Framed Tile “80s Action Hero” Handmade tile cut from reclaimed clay with a wiggle wire, fired in a saggar with standard Leach 4321 glaze with five muscle shells leaving ghosting for decoration. 10.8cm wide 10.8cm tall 3.5cm thick Frame made from reclaimed oak flooring

  • Framed Tile “Fractured Islands”


    Framed Tile “Fractured Islands” Handmade tiles with wood ash and seaweed ash forming a glaze, fired in a saggar and framed in reclaimed oak frame 17.5cm tall, 9.5 wide, 3cm deep

  • Framed Tile “Ripples vs Alien World”


    Framed Tile “Ripples vs Alien World” These tiles are saggar fired with a collection of materials that leave their own marks. Wonderfully marked by seaweed ash, seashells and green glaze. Oak frame made from reclaimed oak flooring. Size 18cm by 19cm by 3.5 thick

  • Framed Tile “Razors Touch”


    Handmade stoneware tile with yellow matt glaze, saggar fired with flotsam jetsam and razor clam shells in a reclaimed oak frame 12cm high, 12cm wide, 3.5cm thick

  • Framed Tiles “Reflections of Ghosts”


    Framed Tiles “Reflections of Ghosts” From the first saggar firing an experiment that I didn’t have a clue how it would turn out. It was produced as the tiles were tumble stacked so these two tiles were together with seashells and combustibles between them. Frame made from recycled oak flooring 12.1cm by 22cm by 3.5cm…