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  • Framed Tile “Fractured Islands”


    Framed Tile “Fractured Islands” Handmade tiles with wood ash and seaweed ash forming a glaze, fired in a saggar and framed in reclaimed oak frame 17.5cm tall, 9.5 wide, 3cm deep

  • Medium Standing Stone


    Fired in a saggar one of my studio made clays melted completely fusing with the pottery around it. I then refined it after the firing, removing chunks until it formed this sculpture. Base made from reclaimed Ekki that is over 100 years old and was used on the French railways. Upright stand made from an…

  • Small Standing Stone on an Ekki Base


    Standing Stone on an Ekki base with brass rod mount   Handmade extruded stoneware saggar fired with wood offcuts and seashells, supported by a brass rod on a 100year old ekki wood base 11.5cm tall, 6cm wide, 5.5cm deep