Making Ceramics from waste and found objects


Since 2010

Red Fox Pottery launched in late November of 2010, Joseph and Anthea we opened a shop in Unit 9 of Marsh Mill village. We had a limited budget but plenty of stock after graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

Since then there have been many changes, Anthea left the business, and Joseph’s work became more experimental over the years. This played towards his chemistry background experimenting and refining to create something completely different

this goes a lot faster

Since 2006

Exploring with raw materials in ceramics since I was a student, experimenting with making my own glazes and surface pattern since the very first year of my Ceramic Design Degree.

Core Values

At the core of Red Fox Potteries values are to not add waste to the world if it can be avoided. Everything is recycled and wood comes from reclaimed sources, whether it be drift wood, or recovered from broken furniture destined for landfill.

Teaching Practice

I began teaching in my final year of university by helping the other students in lower years, giving them throwing demos and advising how they could improve when they asked for help.

When starting my own business it only seem logical to keep teaching from our workspace to help inspire the next generation of potters. I taught in school, youth groups and for the local council.

After two years of teaching I decided to get my teaching qualification, from which I fell in love with Research, so spent a year doing my Masters by Research looking at how we can use digital technologies to help teach hands on skills like ceramics.

For most of the 2010s I worked within education but in 2020 I decided upon a change and left working in formal education.

Why just keep creating new things, from virgin materials when there is so much waste around us.
Joseph Travis
Ceramic Artist