Joseph Travis

I grew up here in Coastal Lancashire and I have been obsessed and inspired by the sea since I was little. For the last fifteen years I have made pottery themed around the beach, first looking at tableware and in more recent years moving towards sculptural forms that blend in with the landscape of the local shingle beaches that stretch up the Lancashire coast line.

Upon discovering pottery I fell in love with making on the pottery wheel, there is something so direct about that way of making pottery, each slight movement changes the shape of the pottery immediately, meaning thousands of tiny decisions at my fingertips form each piece.

I made a decision to move away from tableware as I wanted to experiment with forms and textures that were not conducive to eating off of. This freed me up to look at glazes and forms of firing that were not food safe which allowed me to create even more unique surface patterns.

I have plans and ideas I want to explore further as I move forward with this very elemental pottery that I have fallen in love with. This sort of work has to be touched and held to appreciate the very geological  nature of these ceramic sculptures.

pottery stamp with the initials jt upside down and back to front