Lending Library

For years I sold pottery, functional objects and as soon as it left my hands its story always ended to me. It was gone and I had nothing to show for it except a few photographs, perhaps an artist statement that didn’t mean much to me from a show.

The lending library represents for me a change in direction from maker to storyteller and collector of stories, where I hope to capture the essence of what other people feel and experience from being give an object made by my hand.

With the object I also give a little bit of my story, no object can hold the whole story only a piece, that is related to the time of making. I hope to capture my way of thinking as a maker, a writer and a scientist into the lending library.

I have a real fascination with stories it is what draws me into each of these three media, the people I meet, and interact with affect my story and change who I am. The objects in the collection will change over time, as my work develops and improves, as I learn more about my craft.

More Pots will be added as they are adopted.

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