Code:    M11

Name: Low Tide             

When was it made: June 2015                  

Weight: 299g                    

Width: 9.5cm                                                    Height: 7.5cm

Technical Data: Stoneware clay body fired to 1220C

Hyplas and local clay slip monoprint

Shop bought transparent overloaded with Red Iron Oxide

Platinum Lustre                740C

Time to make:  Mug Body           5 minutes

Handling              10 minutes

Monoprint          5 minutes

Glazing                 2 minutes

Lustre                   5 minutes

Total time            27 minutes


The glaze on this post hides everything, underneath there is a monoprint like so many other pots in the early part of the collect.

The glaze is so overloaded with iron oxide it has become matt and opaque. The finger tips give away some of the secrets hidden underneath.

One day I hope my work with clay will enable me to travel across the sea.