Code: M2
Name: Slip slop slap
When was it made: June 2015
Weight: 375g
Width: 9.5cm at the rim & 8cm at the foot
Height: 10.5cm
Technical Data: Stoneware clay body fired to 1220C
Hyplas and local clay slip decoration
Modified Leach 1-2-3-4 glaze with 7.5% Red Iron Oxide
Platinum Lustre 740C
Terracotta stamped mark
Time to make: Mug Body 5 minutes
Handling 10 minutes
Decoration 5 minutes
Glazing 2minutes
Stamp 0.5minutes
Lustre 1 minutes
Total time 23.5 minutes
Once this mug was glazed and I held it in my hand for the first time, I realised that I love a much wider handle. There is softness to the handle from the slip and the thick glassy iron glaze which breaks on the edges.

The local clay slip drips seductively down the pot, the low fire nature adding to darkness of the glaze.

A stable pot that opens at the top, to be welcoming and inviting, ready for a hot drink on a cool summers eve, looking out at the gooseberries ripening on the bushes.