Code:    M27

Name: Sea Rescue        

When was it made: 28th June till 7th July                             

Weight: 242g                    

Width: 7cm at the rim, 8cm at the foot  Height: 6.5cm

Technical Data: Stoneware clay body fired to 1220C

Hyplas slip with carved lines

Modified Leach 1-2-3-4 glaze with 7.5% Red Iron Oxide

Platinum Lustre                740C

Stoneware makers stamp mark

Time to make:  Mug Body           5 minutes

Handling              8 minutes

Slipping                2 minutes

Carving                 4 minutes

Glazing                 2 minutes

Lustre                   4 minutes

Stamping             0.5 minutes

Total time            25.5 minutes


When we were young at school they drilled a health respect of the sea into us, no inflatable boats, wandering off too far off shore and to watch out for sand banks. Thankfully if there is a problem the coast guards do have vehicles to rescue folks from the mud.

A mug this size I would happily give to either of my sons as their hands are smaller than mine.