Code:    V13

Name: Sailing across the waves               

When was it made:        June 2015           

Weight: 220g                    

Width: 6cm at the rim, 7cm at the foot  Height: 8.5cm

Technical Data: Stoneware clay body fired to 1220C

Hyplas slip layer, with carved boat

Modified Leach 1-2-3-4 glaze with 7.5% Red Iron Oxide

Platinum Lustre                740C

Old metal makers stamp

Time to make:  Body                    5 minutes

Slipping                                2 minutes

Carving                 8minutes

Glazing                 2 minutes

Lustre                   1 minutes

Stamping             0.5 minutes

Total time            13.5 minutes


There is something familiar about the shape of these flower vases and when I started I couldn’t put a finger on it.

When I started boats a few years ago the sentiments were one of rebellion remembering my childhood with the fishing industry affected by central government decisions. There were tough times then as they are tough now for people.

This isn’t the best area to sell ceramics which are basically luxury goods.