Code:    V7

Name: Rolling Hills         

When was it made:        June 2015           

Weight: 200g                    

Width: 6.5 at the rim, 8.5cm at the foot                                Height: 7.5cm

Technical Data: Stoneware clay body fired to 1220C

Interior Modified Leach 1-2-3-4 glaze with 1% Cobalt Oxide

Exterior Modified Leach 1-2-3-4 glaze with 5% Red Iron Oxide and 1% Cobalt

Platinum Lustre                740C

Terracotta makers stamp mark

Time to make:  Body                    5 minutes

Glazing                 2 minutes

Lustre                   1 minutes

Stamping             0.5 minutes

Total time            8.5 minutes


I was born in the land of Pendle, a place of storytelling, and tall tales, in my mind at least. A place that had witches and a hill that is called “Hill Hill Hill”, where cotton was worked and milled and my family worked in those deafening factories.

When I think of Benjamin Carter and his work with putting cotton flowers on plates, I think of a different view of cotton, of fabrics and mills.