Week 1: Social Media for Clay People

The live chat was recorded on 19th July 2015

The first week featured:

Paul Blais
Carole Epp
Michael Kline
Joseph Travis
Adam Field via Facetime

Points discussed in the Episode:

No matter what have a website or blog you can point people at
Find one other social media thing that works for you
Social is the key word about social media, it is about making connections with people
You have to be creative about what you share, to catch people’s attention.
Explore see what works.
Produce quality work and share it.
hobby potters will always be part of the market that people sell to


Apologies but the screen capture software stopped before the end of the chat.

Week 2: The Scale of Production

The live chat was recorded on 26th July 2015

This week featured:

Amanda Barr
Corey Johnson from Clay for Water
Joseph Travis

Points discussed in the Episode:

Finding a Balance that works for you
At some point you have to drop something
Joseph should sell pottery
Clay for water
There is no easy way in distributing art or water filters
So much to do with social media when starting
Do one social media platform well and then add others

One last thing:

Auyumi Horie – taking photographs
Austin Kleon – The noun and the verb
Alleghany Meadows – Advice for new makers


Week 3: “Finding your Voice”

The live chat was recorded on 2nd August 2015

This Week Featured:

Brian Harper
Brett Kern
Joseph Travis

Points discussed in the Episode:

Make lots of work
Try lots of different things
But also focus on getting good at something
There isn’t just one voice per person
Make the work you want to see
Social media allows an entry into the community
Social media allows students to see too much good work
Notice what you notice – Chris Staley
Allow life events to change things
Be open to life experiences
Treat students at level you want them to be

One Last thing:

Here is my own take from the blog on: