Figure 5.7:‘Throwing a faceted tea bowl’

Figure 5.8: ‘making pinch pots’

Figure 5.9: ‘wedging clay stop motion’

Figure 5.10: ‘How to make the Perfect Coil’

Figure 5.11: ‘Tapir’s Head Wedging’

Figure 5.12: ‘Moving a Ton of Clay version 1’

Figure 5.13: ‘Moving a Ton of Clay version 2’

Figure 5.14: ‘Throwing a cup v1’

Figure 5.15: ‘Making a coil v1’

Figure 5.16: ‘Throwing a big pot’

Figure 5.17: ‘Pot Gear’

Figure 5.18: ‘The Life of a mug’

Figure 5.19: ‘Pot Life episode: 1 how to throw a mug v1’

Figure 5.20: ‘Pot Life episode: 1 how to throw a mug v2’

Figure 5.21: ‘Mugshot Monday’

Figure 5.22: ‘Throwing Bowls’

Figure 5.23: ‘Mind Shed’

Figure 5.24: ‘Potter making an oval bisque mould in 15 seconds’

Figure 5.25: ‘Throwing a platter in 26 seconds’

Figure 5.26: ‘Throwing a Tea Bowl in 24 seconds using a bisque mould’

Figure 5.27: ‘Throwing Down a Simple Slip Decorated Paper Resist’