A video posted by Joseph Travis (@redfoxpottery) on Aug 16, 2015 at 4:51am PDT Recently I keep trying to write about the work of Ayumi Horie, James Gurney, Austin Kleon and so on. But every piece I write becomes torrid and dry, or it becomes a gushing piece “they are amazing”, “aren’t they creative” or “aren’t they really driving their work on”. I once wrote a piece about how annoyed I was about a particular ceramics writer always started a piece of writing about where he had come across the makers work; it became 100% about him rather than about…

Next Nurph Chat

Last night was the Nurph chat,thank you for everyone that came out live and watched. It was an amazing time talking to Adam Field, Paul Blais, Carole Epp and Michael Kline. There is a recording in the projects section of the website here. There will be another chat: Sunday 26th July at 9pm GMT, 5PM nurph.com/redfoxpottery The chat will be on “The Scale of Production” Guests are Amanda Barr, Corey Johnson, Joseph Travis. I hope you can come out and watch live and ask questions.