Presentation: watch this first.

Polished tiles

All polished samples up to 600grit, by hand but in the finals I would use grinding equipment

Tiles of note:

bottom left is your clay used as a slip on my normal clay body no idea why is hasn’t gone red, but evidently we can’t use another clay body as a backer for your clay they don’t interact very well.

First column middle: rocks and bricks collected from site added to ES5 which is a commercial very white stoneware clay body. The expansion/contraction is very different but speaks of the landscape and the way the water weathers the landscape.

The right hand column from top to bottom is your clay in is natural state with some amazing swirls running thought it. middle is the stones from your clay compressed together with a minimal clay addition, it is craggy and rocky and speaks of your landscape. the bottom one on that column is your clay with all the rocks removed but still has the smallest amount that passed through a kitchen sieve and gives a wonderful speckle throughout

The column just left of the right hand column is all mixtures of your clays with AWS1G which is my standard clay body that I keep in stock and are interesting but seem much hander to grind by hand.

Glazed Tiles

These are all glazed with a simple ash glaze made of 35% of your clay and 65% your ash

The colour of your ash glaze goes from golden on lighter bodies to black on your clay body.

The Tiles I picked

The tiles that I picked out as being potential candidates

Top left: Materials erupting through the clay with a polish
Top Middle: Your natural clay, with its wonderful swirls and polished
Top Right: All the rocks combined with the smallest amount of your clay
Lower left: same clay as the top, but instead of polish it has the golden ash glaze on it that pools which we could add some more texture to the clay
Lower middle: same as the top right but then glazed with an ash glaze made from your clay and wood ash.
Lower right: Your clay with all the rocks removed and polished to reveal the beauty

I’ve been producing some very different textures recently that may be a possibility if you want to go for an ash glaze