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Slip decorating: the wobbly pot way

Very influenced by Michael Kline
So these were the original wonky pots that I made out of frustration of wanting to make the sort of work I wanted rather than being a production potter. The idea was to make them with plenty of chunky grog so fine details wouldn’t be possible. The slip was then dribbled down the pots and they were shock to encourage the slip to keep dripping

You may remember my post on Saggars and some of my results.  I really want to talk a bit more how these wobbly pots are made.

Very naive mark making
It was when this wonky pot gained traction on instagram and ended up going to live in Portugal I decided it was time to make some more wonky pots.

Naked wobbly pots awaiting their decoration. They are made from a secret stoneware earthenware blend with some iron oxide added for effect. They were thrown loosely and then treated to a beating with a piece of 2 by 1 that was in the workshop.
they have several coats first one side and then the other
A stream of porcelain slip launched towards the wonky pots.  I fill a cup of slip and fling it as hard and fast as I can.
the patters are a lot like frost
the impact of throwing the slip on the pottery sends it flying off in all directions. this is a different round of throwing slip to the video and
Well and truely slipped
the splash is so violent there are still particles of slip in the air.
keeping them off the ground to dry faster.
Another batch of wonky pots all slipped and drying in the garden.
yay my decoration is getting better
Not all my wonky wobbly pots are saggar fired these days, this was fired next to the saggar and has gone to live with the amazing Lighthearts in Brum whom I owe a lot to.

Wow, just wow

I can't stop drooling

I really love to make these, and I really want to make more, I don’t care about function with this form, I just want to create something different.  In fact I want to make them more wobbly, wonky and uncontrolled.

I don’t make anything simply and I need more iron oxide and terracotta to make another batch of wonky pots.

I want to know as an audience if there is anything you want to see more off from my pottery videos or blog articles? Please just let me know in the comments below.

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