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I have been busy recently working through my dissertation and creating videos for the practical part of the research.  Learning to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro has been a bit of a slog this week but it has sped up the process no end now I am getting to grips with it.  I just wish it weren’t a subscription based service but nevermind.

1) I had the idea of making a video from the pots point of view, I replaced some of the sound to change the qualities.

2) Trying the same sort of edit but from a normal point of view

3) I wanted to add an introduction theme similar to the previous edit and drink from the mug too; I wanted to try it with a sound track

4) The same as number 3 but without the sound track

5) Finally  going full circle back to 15 second videos and seeing if I can get the whole process in the short space of time

So out of the five which do you prefer? Which is the most informative?

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