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Yes we are reopening the pottery

So I was given the opportunity to run some workshops for LEFTCOAST our local arts organisation and I decided it was as good a time as any to start the business back up again. I have been thinking about starting up again anyway but this was the major kick I needed to get going.

This isn’t going to be a full time thing as I still have my Day Job four days a week. So on my day off the plan is to make pottery. I am also hoping to get an on-line shop sorted for the end of October as I have a weeks holiday before my children break up for school.

In terms of pottery for sale, I am still designing what I want to make but there will be various pieces I have made over the last five years. As well as pottery for sale I will have watercolour and acrylic paintings for sale, maybe some pottery tools too, as I will make at the very least some wiggle wires doing my breaks at work.

I have lots of plans in my head, but I really want to know if anyone knows of any opportunities going for potters, I haven’t run my own business in 5 years since I started my teaching degree and my youngest was born, so if anyone has any advice or opportunities they know about I would be very appreciative.


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