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A few days away

At the moment it is the children’s summer holidays which means I have to wear my Dad hat a lot more.  We went away to a camping barn and the children had fun staying in “a little house” as my youngest put it.  Oddly while I was away some interesting things happened.

M17For one we had the first piece of writing for the lending Library this is mug 17 that was given away to a member of my writing group.  I love the connections other people make that I never would have found by myself.

Jacobs JoinThe second thing that happened is that the audio recording of our writing groups project got posted which includes some of my work that got sent to the NSU Summer Conference. If you follow the link you can listen to the audio recording and see some pictures of the event.

Jacob’s Join was the starting point for so many ideas, so I am glad that we could share part of what we did. The mugs that were sent were dispersed into the world, I hope at some point a story will come back from one of those travellers so that I can share that again.


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