Time to Review

So last night I recorded the final episode for Season 1 of the Nurph Chat. As always I had an amazing time talking to the guests and learning so much, which makes connections with other things I have thought about and even written here on the blog.

Things to consider for the second season:

  • How are we going to advertise it better
  • How are we going to grow our audience
  • Is there a better time of the day to do this at
  • How often am I going to do this
  • Should the title come before or after the episode is recorded

The first season was short as it is school holidays, and I really have to review all my work I have done so far and start writing my thesis.  There is a bit more editing of videos to go in there too.

I have enjoyed the research phase of my masters, and due to the writing matters I want to go back to my original focus.  I also want to make sure I use my own voice in my writing as I want to make my research available to the community.

About Joseph Travis

Maker of ceramic objects, Ceramic Researcher and full time dad to two boys
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